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The First War
Location: Elven Empire and Shi'tir Empire
Date: 809 – 820 (11 Years)
Known Events:
  • Mother and Son Combat each other for power.
  • Elven Empire and Shi'tir empires at war
  • Mother and son Resume Family relationship
  • Elven and Shi'tir Unit as allys
  • Elven Empire
    • Elves
    • Native Creatures
    • Dragons
  • Shi'tir Empire
    • Mermaids
    • Sea Giants
    • Nightmare Sha
    • Sea Dragons
Commanders and leaders
  • God Nupper Darkclaw
    • Unknown
  • Goddess Alecia Darkclaw
    • Lady Vivian Darkclaw
Army Strength
28+ Million 56+ Million
Casualties and losses
  • Heavy (8 Million Killed, 2 Million altered to Mermaids)
  • Medium (1 Million Killed, 500k Captured later released)

Major Battles: Battle of the Elven Coast, Clash of the Gods.

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