The Pantheon of Gods

Main leader Sea Goddess Alecia
Sub-Race(s) Mermaids, Elves, Human, Dragons, Androids, Other
Planets Under There Control Unknown (Persumed 25 Planets)
Theater of operations Android Mansion
Main language Unknown (Persumed Sea Type)
Secondary languages Common, Elvish
Status Active
Alignment True Natural

The Pantheon is the name of the God's and Goddess's high counciled by Sea Goddess Alecia.


Every Member of the Original Family will have some portion of there relations power. Such as Nupper's ability to change his age from alecia and Chronias or Duchess's Ability to use magic. The Big Five are the Top Dietys known as Listed below. Each Diety will have a selection of Pets and one Prime Champion the only known Prime Champion is Darkheart under the command of God Nupper. Full godship must be approved by up to three of the five members to gain membership into the Pantheon of Gods. Shoden is the only Pending Member.

Name Title Age Description Condition  Champion
Sea Goddes Alecia The Goddess of Water and the Oceans Immortal/ 1M+ Years Leader of the Pantheon of Gods. Mother of Nupper. Is Wife to the Vivian, Nupper, Chronias, Aquaris Active, Eternal Unknown
Duchess Aquaris The Goddess of Life and of the Earth Immortal/500+ Years

This Goddess has Master over all Life in the world and the plants. Mother of Nupper. Is Wife to the Vivian, Nupper, Chronias, Alecia

Active, Eternal Unknown
Nupper The God of Magic and Lore Immortal/2 Years Biolgially/ 402 years in Time Differance. The master of all magic, knowledge, secrets, and mysteries. Is Son/Husband to the Vivian, Aquaris, Chronias, Alecia Active, Eternal Darkheart
Vivian The Goddess of Fire and Skys Immortal/ 1M+ Years

The Goddess has Mastery over Fire and Skies No mortal can fly without permisssion. Mother of Nupper, Wife of Aquaris, Chronias, Alecia, Nupper

Active, Eternal Unknown
Chronias The Goddess of Time and Dimension. Immortal/ 1M+ Years The Goddess of Time and Dimensions, Mother of Nupper, Wife of Aquaris, Vivian, Alecia, Nupper Active, Eternal Unknown
Shoden The Supreme Android Immortal/400 Years Daugher of Alecia and Nupper. Leader of Most Androids. Active, Eternal, Membership Pending. Unknown

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