Elven Assult on Human lands

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Third World War

Place: Skirmishes all over the world

Outcome: Humans Extinct or Pockets remain.

  • Elven Empire
  • Shi'tir Empire
  • Human Northern Kingdom
  • Human Southern Kingdom
Commanders and Leaders
  • Elven Empire
    • Kayla Dermon
    • King Nupper Darkclaw
    • Seta Rakahasi†
  • Shi'tir Empire
    • Sea Goddess Alecia Darkclaw
    • Crysalis Darkclaw
  • Human Northern Kingdom
    • Queen Lindra Acrosid†
    • Hakkar the Houndmaster†
  • Human Southern Kingdom
    • Lord Vakor†
    • Val'dron†
    • Per'don†
Casualties and losses
Military dead:

Over 156,100,000
Civilian dead: Over 1,000,000
Total dead: Over 6,100,000

Military dead:

Over 1,000,000,000
Civilian dead: Over 2,000,000
Total dead: Over 10,000,000

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Coming soon.

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